Seeking Help/Advice on Full Motion Graphics - Lower Thirds


Hi, so I’m browsing for lower thirds. I do your everyday video editing in premiere to piece videos together and do a very basic, yet respectable job. I’m browsing Lower Thirds and a lot are listed as including the Photo PNG + Alpha. I know what a PNG file is and I’m learning about alpha, which my understanding is essentially it blending well into a video (forgive my lack of detailed knowledge here). I want to take these Lower Thirds and incorporate them into videos I’m making. They don’t need really any altering, just simply using what’s in place and editing it. Here’s an example of one of the ones I’m browsing:

So essentially I just want to be able to edit in a logo/png file on the left side and edit the text. Is this as simple as loading into something like After Effects and editing the file? I saw a comment on another section where a user was unhappy and the creator responded “this does not include the project file.” I’m trying not to be that same person because my lack of knowledge in this area is extremely limited. I’m a quick learner, but if someone can help express this to me in very basic terms then it would go a long way. I’m just trying to get some fancy lower thirds for my videos that require a simple text edit and logo/image swap. Any help is greatly appreciated.



well that one is just a video
so you can’t really “Swap” the text and the logo you would need to animate them on top.
I’d advise you to look at some after effects lower thirds
they should be easier to edit
as that’s an after effects project file you could then easily edit


Well that was definitely my concern and that is something that I just don’t think I’m currently capable of.

As far as the AE projects, the biggest problem there is Envato’s current licensing restrictions. The other files allow for a multi-use license, whereas the AE files do not. I simply can’t afford to pay a per video fee currently for them. I know that sounds cheap, but it’s where I’m at in terms of the value I’m getting back from the videos.

Your explanation certainly alleviates my concern, but is a bit of unfortunate news. I really do appreciate your help and the explanation. It definitely clears things up.