Question Before Buying Newspaper 8 Theme. Do I get update forever?

Hello i want to ask about the update that i will get. If i buy single licence, do i get the update of theme lifetime? or just in 6 month support from tag div? thank you very much

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Lifetime of updates and bug fixes as long as the item is available on the marketplace

(assuming you mean buying items from the main marketplaces and not Envato Elements)

o thank you, i see. it means the support i choose ( 6 month support or 12 month support) its not affected. Although i choose 6 month support i’ll get update after the support is out of date, right ?

Assuming the author supports the item then you get 6 months support free. This can be extended for a fee to 12 months.

Support and bug fixes are separate to this support and included for lifetime.