Do all themes receive lifetime updates?

I’m a long time themeforest customer and I notice that many of my themes continually receive updates more than a year or two after purchase.

But one in particular stops immediately when support stops.

Are theme updates suppose to continue even though author support has ended?

Updates will continue for the lifespan of the item, but there is no rigid expectation of how long that is

Well, I have a theme Flatsome and it literally stop updating every time support ends.

So I guess the author is doing this on purpose some how?

Is this generally okay, or should it be reported?

How does it stop updating exactly? Surely when your support expires is not the same as other buyers?

As long as the author is releasing updates then they can’t stop you accessing these either via an app and envato API or by downloading the latest version manually from themeforest

Okay, I will verify this the next time an update is issued.

Thank you for your attention into this matter.

Take care