Question about Purchasing Music with Music Standard License

Im thinking about purchasing this sound here:

However, I plan to buy it with the Music Standard License ($35) and use it for my tiktok videoS and youtube videoS (hence the capital s for multiple). My question is, once I buy it is it limited to one time use? Like I can only use it for one video I make or once I buy it I can use it for unlimited amounts of videos for tiktok and youtube?

Also does anybody know if i’ll be copyrighted automatically by tiktok if I use even if I bought?

Please help!

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Music Standard License means you can use that track in one end product which is in this case one video. If you want to use that track for another video then you have to buy that track again.

Regarding the TikTok Content ID system, they flag audio if that music is distributed already and it was delivered to TikTok to be included in their pool of songs available for usage videos. That way they prevent uploads of songs that are available there because they pay artists for usage of those. I suggest you message this author and check if that music is delivered to TikTok or not.

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