Can we use our purchased music on TikTok and Instagram?

Hello everyone. We are about to purchase some audios here for our brand videos. The brand videos will then be posted on our TikTok and Instagram business accounts, and we will also advertise them. However, we are not sure if they may will take down/remove our videos because it’s not music from their official library. There is a lot of contradicted information when searching on Google, so we thought to ask here.

Can we use - without any issues - the music bought from Audiojungle on our TikTok videos and IG Reels?

Thx everyone!

As long as you purchase the correct silence for the music files, yes.

I still hear different opinions. People are telling me the music needs to be integrated into TikTok/IG first, but that would take a lot of time. Can some other users as well get into this discussion? We need to have certainty for our campaign and the worst thing that could happen is our ad/post gets removed after our launch.

Are we 100% safe to use audiojungle sounds on TikTok and Instagram if we have the proper license? Is there some risk our content gets removed even tough we have the license?

The answer should be here somewhere:

Thanks, but I think you missunderstand my question. Maybe I didn’t explain properly.

Our concern is not in regard to the specific license, our concern is if TikTok and Instagram allow the music to be on their platform. We hear many ppl telling us that unverified music (sound that is not in their official music library) will get removed despite having a license.

It’s not related to Envato or licensing, it’s about their policy. Noone can guarantee that