Question about Envato fees from sales.

I want to ask about this buyer fee, why did it appear? Why is it needed? Why does Envato also hold this, if they already hold the Author fee?
It turns out that all this together in the amount of almost half the price of the project cost. And this despite the fact that I am an exclusive author. I understand that this appeared a long time ago, but did not find a clear answer, why is this needed?

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Exclusive authors have always been getting 50% when they start off. The buyer fee and author fee distinction is only there for accounting purposes. If you want to increase the % you earn on each sale, you can raise your price.


Exclusive authors don’t always get 50%. Percentage depends on the price of the item, on the type of item, on whether the TAX form is filled, on the country in which the author lives, and on the country from which the purchase was made


They don’t anymore, you’re right. I was talking historically.

Though the country of the buyer has no incidence on your cut (buyers may have to pay taxes on top, but that does not concern authors).

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If the purchase came from the United States, you get less than when the purchase came from another country


I am an exclusive author, and I already have long time 12.5% Author Fee.
But for example, the project is cost 18$, I recieve 12$ and minus 1.50 Author Fee So I have 10.5 from 18$ of price. This 6$ is Buyer Fee. Why? Why so much? And in general, why does this fee exist?

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Buyer Fee

When you make a purchase on Envato Market, you will be paying the Author of the item for their work, and a Buyer Fee to Envato for use of our platform and services. This includes services like 24/7 customer support, fraud protection, and item quality control.

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Where did you see that? That’s certainly not true in my case.

Edit: I guess you’re talking about US withholding tax, and your country does not have 0% deal. I was merely describing the partition between the author’s cut and Envato’s. US tax,when applicable, come on top of that.

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As I said: it depends on the country in which the author lives. Personally, I get less from sales made from the USA

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In US Tax Treaties my country has 0% - III(1)(a)

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The list price have a buyer fee and author fee.
The buyer fee is fixed fee for item based on category.
After effects have fixed buyer fee of $6.
Premiere and Apple motion it is $4.
Motion graphics category it is $3.

So if you have a After Effects Project with the price of $18 you will get 18-6-1.25=10.5

$18 actual price shown in videohive.
$6 is the buyer fee for after effects item which is a fixed fee.
Now you are left with $12.
Author fee is 12.5% for exclusive elite author, that is $1.5.
So you get $10.5

That is considering you are an elite author and exclusive to envato. If you are not elite author and not exclusive then it will be even less.
If your country don’t have tax treaty with US it will be even lesser.

If you are a new author just starting out in videohive exclusively and from a country which don’t have a tax treaty with US you will get 18(list price) - 6 (fixed buyer fee) - 3.6 (withholding tax at 30%) - 4.5( author fee at 37.5%) =3.9 only for a sale that happened from US buyer. If it is a non US buyer then you can leave the withholding tax so you will get $7.5.

The withholding tax and the author fee both are calculated from (List price - Fixed buyer fee).

Hope this helps…

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Thank you for your reply.
But why did this buyer fee even appear? That’s the question. ) Envato has a fee from authors, so do they still have a fee from buyers? Why? And besides so much.

The buyer fee author fee etc or mostly terms used for the tax purpose only.
Before the Author Driven Pricing was implemented, the Buyer fee and Author fee together contributed the 30% commission of envato for a elite author. So we got 70% as usual. Once the ADP was implemented envato made the author fee part as 12.5% for elite author and the buyer fee was fixed as per item category.

So now envato take a bigger cut for items priced cheaper than $30 and authors get more for items priced higher in the After Effects category.

Earlier if your AE item priced $35 you will get 24.5. now you get 25.375
If your AE item is priced $50 earlier you could have got $35. Now you get 38.5

If your item is in Motion/Premiere category you will get more now because the fixed fee is $4.
So you get more.

So for now the way it is implemented no matter what price you set Envato takes the fixed cut.

In After effects category you can never sell a item below $7.
If you sell at that price you will get $0.875 only.

So bigger highly priced items are benificial for the authors.

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Thank you.
So, for more profit, need to set a price higher than $30 )
But it’s bad for those who have projects cheaper than this price. (