why 'Envato' charges the authors 2 times?

hello, as i wrote in the title envato charges the authors with different excuses.
once they call it author fee and charge you. then they call it buyer fee and charge you again.

this is their official description about Author and Buyer Fees.

Author Fee: When you make a sale on Envato Market, you are charged an Author Fee by Envato for use of our platform and services.

Buyer Fee: a Buyer Fee to Envato for use of our platform and services.

they didn’t even try to change the sentences and make a better excuse for taking author’s money. this isn’t fair at all and authors need to do something about it.

As an author, you are charged just the buyer fee.

when you uploading a new product for example in HTML Templates, if your list price was $11 you’ll earn about $4.30 at the end. that means (11 - ($4 Buyer Fee) - 37.5% for a newbie (Author Fee)) . am i doing wrong this calculation?

They only charge you once… the author’s fee. You set your price and Envato adds the buyers fee on top of that. Just like if your item is subject to VAT… you’re not then being charged three times… Envato just add the VAT on top of the amount the buyer pays, and then that VAT is subtracted before your payment is calculated.

The thing to keep in mind though, is that even if they charged you once (like they used to), they’d just combine the amounts so you were still charged the same total.

envato adds “Buyer fee” on top of “Item price” and customers paying it. in that case for better sells you’ll force to cut the Item price to lower amounts and this affects greatly on your total earnings. yes they don’t charge you directly, but with this policy it seems they actually doing it .

The fee calculation is bit complicated, there actually is a buyer fee as well, but you can see it when you edit the price of your item. It is $4 for HTML templates.

So it is ($11 - $4) - 37.5%.

The fixed buyer fee is to prevent (or at least reduce) price dumping.

Generally, if you set your prices to some reasonable value (around $20 for HTML templates), you will earn 50% for each sale as a new author, up to 70% once you reach the Elite level.

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