Confused with Envato Author fees, pls help

My product is sold at 25$ i should get 21$ but i only get 13.12, i thought i paid already the envato fees ??
its such ripp off

Income Summary to Earnings Account Amount
Net Sales $21.00
Net Referral Earnings $0.00
Net Envato Author Fees -$7.88
Envato Swift Fees $0.00
Envato Skrill Fees $0.00
Other Account Adjustments $0.00

$25 list price.
$4 buyer’s fee. Goes to Envato.
$21 item price after the buyer’s fee.
$7.88 author fee. Goes to Envato. That’s 37.5% of the item price.
$13.12 is your cut.

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Well they should show the twice Envato fees when you setup the price at least ill know what ill get at the end
you working hard ,you will sell maybe only 2 product at end you cant even withdraw the little pennies !
next time ill setup my product to 50 $ at least if i sell only one ill get better cut

I appreciate nobody has time to read the entire help and support section on their first day, but it’s always a good idea to do a bit of research on the major points (like how much you’ll make per sale) before contributing, so you’re not in this position when you get an amount different to what you were expecting.

Such research might also inform you that you don’t have to wait until next time… you can go to the ‘edit’ tab of your item page and alter the price whenever you want!