Question about being exclusive...

The T20 staff told some of us that being exclusive meant we would be earning 35% more on our Envato sales. Therefore, I deleted all photos on other stock sites that are on Envato. Someone in one of the forums said exclusive only affects Market sales and we earn the same on Elements whether we are exclusive or not. Is that correct? Does being exclusive increase our Elements commissions???

Hi Marg! Sorry - that T20 information doesn’t look entirely correct :frowning: You can see more details of the exclusivity policy here:

Exclusivity affects the author fee structure for Envato Market only. It doesn’t affect your Elements earnings at all.

It’s set at an Author Account level, and not for individual items. If you anticipate that the majority of your Envato earnings will come from Elements and not Market, then changing to a non-exclusive account (allowing you to sell the same items elsewhere) shouldn’t have much impact on your Envato earnings, and may be the best option for you.

Well that’s incredibly disappointing. Thank you for the response.

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It isn’t. Either the T20 didn’t realize how Envato worked or because we didn’t know there were 2 different ways to sell photos on Envato we misunderstood what they said.