Is Elements Considered Part of the Envato Market?

Because if it’s not - and it certainly seems not to be - then allowing Envato Market exclusive items to be sold on Elements is a violation of Envato’s own rules.

Here’s how the exclusivity agreement reads:
Agreeing to keep your portfolio of items for sale exclusive to Envato Market allows you to almost double your earnings. You can still sell other items elsewhere (on other marketplaces, your own site) but any items that you place on an Envato Market site must be exclusively sold there.


Maybe Envato forgot to update this text to suit their needs?

There is one possible solution for all of this mess: Just convert all exclusive accounts to non exclusive and let authors keep their original commission on what they have earned. Envato clearly does not care much about whether a market author is exclusive or not, and authors would be free to expand their business elsewhere.


Since both Elements and Market are part of the Envato network, authors are permitted to upload the same items currently sold exclusively on Market, to Elements, without needing to change their exclusivity status.

This means you can continue to earn the same exclusive rates you always have on your Market sales, while at the same time reaching a whole new customer base by offering the same content on Elements.

Not only is it permitted, we actually encourage authors who also offer items on Market to upload the same content to Elements (assuming it meets our quality expectations & is a good fit).

Well, isn’t that a convenient interpretation of the rules.

But we shouldn’t be surprised, given the blatant lie of Elements appealing to “a whole new customer base”, which they miraculously reach by advertising it on our portfolio pages, checkout screens and lord knows where else - in other words, all the same places frequented by our regular customer base.


LOL! That’s some whole new base they have over there for stock music sellers. Folks, the actual buyers of the music tracks are the video people from video hive. They shoot and edit and need tracks. If you think elemets is attracting a “NEW CUSTOMER BASE” think again. Video folks are more than willing to pay $20 to $60 for a sync license but elements just enables them to download the tune for peanuts. It’s that simple. And the concept of “whole new user base” is an absolute lie! and “alternative fact”. It simply is not true!

Did anyone notice a top seller pulled 200 tracks off of elements?

There is a reason they did that folks…

Sub models are extremely dangerous. think twice about going there…Keep the sync fee alive. RESIST!


It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. It’s pretty obvious by now that the market is the main dinner plate for Elements. I think top authors are those who should be most worried and should definitely go together and demand better deals to protect their marketplace portfolios (price options/banner removal etc etc). This is in every market authors interest as well of course.

It’s good that Elements authors are already reducing their selection, it’s the only sane thing to do. But Envato needs to regulate the track count much stricter, there will always be authors uploading their whole catalogue and overfeeding the market.


Wow! Didn’t noticed that but it’s some shocking piece of prove that the whole Elements tale and its “new costumer base” charade only benefits one of the sides and it’s definitely not the author’s, specially for the top sellers.


This ad again

Translation: “Some items are only available on Envato Elements”

Is that true? I thought all items on Elements are coming from the Market!?

As far as I know you can apply for Elements without being a market author, so it might be some authors there who are not selling on the market.

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That’s right, I know many graphic authors that didn’t come from graphicriver. But for now all music authors on elements still came from AJ. CMIIW

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OK, thanks for explanation.