quality check

please help me know the error in quality of this logo eq parallel comp what u see the error please.
thank you.

The logo is of really poor quality. The structure seems random and I honestly cannot see how it could be used in a commercial sense, it really is that bad. The mix sounds as though you put the track in a bathroom and recorded the logo using a microphone placed in the bathroom door way.

Creating music to sell is not easy and it takes time and practice before tracks are ready to be bought.

My advice is to go back to the drawing board and give yourself some time to learn how to create music to sell.


thanks man i just needed some proper critique to help me focus certain aspect in mix to practice but this did not help at all, thanks anyway for your opinion, appreciated.
and btw i did not say making commercial stuff is easy im just trying to improve and you did not help at all which is the main reason i posted.
thanks brother.

Doesn’t matter how good your mix is, if the composition isn’t good for commercial use it won’t get approved here.

what do you think about this mox? what faults you see in it other than coomposition?
like what aspect i can focus on more or what is missing in this mix so i can put in mind next time?
thank you very much.

You should focus on composition and arrangement first. Like gballx said, you need to work on the basics of making music. Forget this track, just keep making more stuff and learning.

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