quality check

plz help me why this got rejected tell me if u find any flaws or quality problems

Very poor quality IMHO. Not a reviewer.

thanks for sharing ur opinion, im trying to improve my work and sharing this for tips on what i should go more in depth with like eq, compression etc…

I’m not a reviewer or some brutal professional, but this whole track is bad. Not just eq or compression, everything here is simply not good, starting from the composition itself. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to stop trying :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


Two differents users sending the same track.

i logged on with different google account by fault

and you also have 2 soundcloud accounts? weird

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i have personal google account and one for work it gets confused together when im using my phone

ok if the composition is bad i can compose other songs but what u think about quality what are the flaws?
if low or high frequencies bad compression needs limited needs to be louder give me notes or tips concerning production so i apply in the next song.
thanks for ur time.

I’m no expert but I feel like you might be better off just focusing on the composition side of things before worrying to much about small details like eq and compression. You wouldn’t take your vehicle to the shop to get a scratch fixed in the paint if the motor isn’t working.


Dude, I don’t know, if you try to do a joke to us here. What you have delivered is simply nothing. I’m sorry to say that in clear words, but in this case no one can give you any useful tips to improve. What you have delivered is 20 seconds of noise - free of any emotion, free of any progression or reconizable melody or anything. To me it sounds like random generated. It is not abstract music, it is not horror music or any other genre. It is a series of noises without any sense. 20 seconds - what kind of product should it support? What kind of music was your intention?
My advice: Make a plan, which kind of music you want to compose. Then search for such music on Youtube or here on AudioJungle. Hear it and compare it to your creation. If you do that, you will recognize, that mixing and mastering is really not your first problem (which doesn’t mean, that this creation here was mixed good). If I read previous posts from you here and the amount of tips and hints you have received and I hear then such a production like this… are you sure, that you really want to make music seriously?


considered brothers thanks for your time, i try make normal music not logo because logo is more challenging. ill try to make emotional piano song and upload for feedback when rejected because i still know i have long way to go.

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Same here as i wrote you in another topic. You need to practice more. There are no exact flaws, just the overall production level is too low.

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thanks brother considered