My 2 Audiojungle Items rejected - Need feedback


My 2 items are rejected. Can you give me a feedback why rejected.

First one is in music category, second one is in Logo&Ident


Ok. I will try to point out the main issues.Keep in mind that i am not reviewer, and this is just an subjective opinion which you asked me in pm.

  1. There are rhytmical issues between your elements in your track.The acoustic guitar riff is dragging.The Violins ostinatos ( sequence) is not in time, aswell. ( dragging and rushing in the same time) .
  2. For the corporate genre ,try to focus on backgound elements. Find a solid and pleasant chord progression and stick to it.Of course, you may add some chords variations, add some new elements every 8 - 16 bars in order to keep things interesting, but do not overdo it. The audience does not have the perception of musicians.They enjoy simplicity and clarity.
  3. The sounds you have used are way under the market demands. They sound like an arranger keyboard to me.Try to make some better sound choices. You don’t need expensive vst’s or hardware. Is about getting the most from what you got. Keep pads in the lower register and low volume.They tend to mess with the headroom and clarity in the low and mid range.
  4. The overall sound is muffled and hollow.Try to separate elements in the mix in order to get clarity. There is much to discuss here, unfortunatelly.
  5. As a final conclusion. If you can fix everything in your mix, this song fits way better in ’ kids music’ category.There is nothing corporate suggestive in your track.
    These applies for the logo too.( Except the fact that the logo sounds like an underwater recording)

Hope this helps.Regards.


Hi there,

This sounds more like an anime track in the making, and would do well in that genre with some polishing. In addition to what has been written… The string part has a disco feel, corporate style is more syncopated. Also the chord progression could use some work, too many I-V’s at the beginning, though the second part of the progression has some nice stuff.



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Thank you so much!

Try to have a better structure and arrangement, the corporate track beggins straight away with 6-7 sounds at once and much complex sounds too, it should be easy to follow the intro and then the other parts.

The logo sound ends too abrupt, the tail should be longer and more lush.
The kick only distracts the attention and not needed, the rhythm of the kick is weird.
The shaker is also weird. Try to do it more atmospheric a bit

Not far from sounding nice though, keep it up!