purchase themes included installation


hi anyone help to install this themes ? im using wordpress and may i know do this can be install on wordpress ?

It’s a html template so it won’t install on WordPress

so mean if i want build a website as like this and what was my first step ?

because i only know how to install wordpress platform …so first i buy a domain and how do i install this themes ?

You will need to modify the HTML/CSS code to include what you want, using some kind of editor eg. Brackets, notepad etc.

Once you are happy with the pages and content then you would upload those to the root directory of your website

hi charlie4282 , could you help me to install same as like this ?
i would like to pay for it . but after install this themes and do this theme have a backend for edit ?

You can’t “install” these as there is no CMS admin

You have to modify the actual code and then upload that edited version

i dont know all about cms coding…i only know how to use wordpress as well.

Have you already bought it and downloaded it? If yes, then you can hire someone to set it up for you:

HTML templates are for experienced users who know their way around HTML/CSS coding. If you know only WordPress, then stick to WordPress themes - the fact they are for WordPress is usually mentioned in their name or description.

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Do you know how to convert it to WordPress themes ? If yes. You may can open a price for me :grin:

Converting HTML template to WordPress theme is VERY expensive work (at least if done properly).

Again, you can hire someone at studio.envato.com, but this can be easily thousands of $. You are much better to simply buy some existing WordPress theme which is closest to what you need. Converting HTML to WP is nonsense, unless you are a skilled web dev who can do it yourself or you really, really want this particular design and have a lots of money.