Travel Agency - Online Hotel Booking

The installation I’m trying to make makes me error
I need something I do know someone from this thing help me

Hey, PM me and I’ll try to help you :slight_smile:


As your word Travel Agency - Online Hotel Booking i saw that is HTML template it will not install like WordPress.


To understand there is no installation on the webpress

And what should I do so I can pass it to the webpress

If you want to use this template in wordpress then you have to convert it into HTML to WordPress, in that case you have hire someone WordPress developer who can do this job.

Thanks too much you answered me
Otherwise I have to do

Most other original could download this theme
If I don’t use wordpress
What other programs could I use and not be doing this whole process with html

If it’s a HTML template then there is no alternative to modifying by amending the HTML, CSS etc. code

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