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Can you tell me the difference between the below template in your portal.

SEO Crawler - Digital Marketing Agency HTML template.

SEO Crawler - Digital Marketing Agency, Social Media, SEO WordPress Theme

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thanks for purchase from envato market. Both are listed in different category

1)This is html template.

  1. This is WordPress Theme

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Can i used HTML template in wordpress ?

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Both are design same but platform is different.
One is HTML template another one is WordPress version in CMS Platfomr you can install it into your hosing or server by one click.
But HTML template are not like that its static website and WordPress is Dynamic website.

you can get more information about that from here



If you want to use WordPress you can buy WordPress it will be easy for you

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no, you have to convert it into wordpress version.
any WP developer can do it HTML to WordPress
best way to purchase WordPress version

WordPress version already approved in themeforest so i suggest buy WordPress theme no waste time in purchase HTML and then convert it in WordPress

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There is no chance to use HTML template into WordPress through theme option. If you really want to use HTML template then you have to run a long process as like you have to convert the HTML template into a theme which is not a simple task. So, my sentence will be use a theme if you want to use in WordPress. Hope you understand.