purchase history

I purchased a theme a few times in here and have used one of the themes for a long time and need updating it soon. But when logged in this account, there is no purchase history in profile so nothing I can do for my update.I might have used a different account ?? at the time…not sure.
I would resolove this situation and make sure my purchase for future update.
I’m not sure the username, password and email in buying the theme here but have the original zip file only.


You need to figure it out which email you’ve used to register/purchase the theme. That’s why there’s a “I forgot my password” form. You can try all the possible emails you may have used.


Some of my old emails no longer exist…so wanted to know the other way to find out the account…

Hi @ninniki, At least You have to know your username or email or Invoice No or Order No. But in any case you must have access of your email that belongs to your account.