Purchase Code in Back-Up or Develepment-Enviroments

Hi I bought uncode Theme with WPBakery Page Builder etc.

Now I’m running a back-up-/dev-enviroment especcially to check issues, that might happen with updates.
But I can’t update the theme in my back-up-environement, I get the error message “purchase code not valid”.
Is there any possibility to run and update a back-up-version without buying an additional version of my theme?

Please advice.

Thy in advance, Klaus


Purchase code is unique and can be used only for one end product (environment/website). So, you will not be able to use the same purchase code in both place. you have to purchase another one license to use in another environment.


This actually proves your second statement wrong! :stuck_out_tongue:

A “single end product” is one website, but not necessarily one installation or domain. The development and production versions of a site are the same end product. Thus, a purchase code can technically be used for both.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of authors do not account for this in their licensing systems. I blame Envato for not clarifying this. You can contact the author to see what your options are, but you might need to only activate the development site and copy everything over to production when ready.

purchase code is required for auto update. and as I said purchase code is unique and can’t be use the same purchase code in both production and test environment.
If you setup and actibe the theme in production site and then copy the full website to test environment then the theme should work fine but you will not able to get auto update features for the test environment.

and the best way will be get in touch with theme author to get their help on this.

I feel any dev site on localhost should not be considered as a valid installation.

But if someone is not using the localhost as dev environment then they can use a sub-domain as a dev environment because I had seen few of the popular themes allow multiple use of same key as long as they belongs to same domain. I know Newspaper Theme allows that, not sure about others though.

Thanks folks.
So I’ll try to contact the author of the theme.

Actually I do have both: a Live-Version, that is shown in the web, and a Dev-Version to try new features and the test in advance the consequences of for exemple of updates. The Live-Version lies on client’s server, the dev-version on mine. And both have different URL but identical content with respect to the few new parts.

Though best would be that every purchase code is valid for 1 page incl. 1 back-up.

Nevertheless thanks for your input.

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