Are authors allowed to reset purchase codes?

I purchased a theme, registered the code to a website, deleted that website and now I want to use that code on another website. Is it considered single use on an end product if the website it was registered on no longer exists? Because the author is saying it is and it’s against envato policy to reset the code


If it’s a new website/project it requires a new license. Thanks!


To re-use a purchase code again you have to unregister/deactivate the theme license you used on the original website domain. Single use licences mean that you cannot use the same purchase code for more than 1 end product (in otherwords one website).

You should be able to contact the author, and as long as you can verify that the original website is no longer using the theme you bought originally, the author should be able to assist you within their scope.

Providing that you are not now using this theme/script on any other domain, then it should be able to be reset.

Okay to clarify, so even if i deactivated/unregistered the purchase code on the initial site and the site is no longer up, I cant re-use the purchase code on a new website for a new project.

Correct. If the website was the same and you were just moving domains for example, you could re-register the license. But a new website for a different purpose requires a new license. Thanks!

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Thanks for the response. Yes, I deactivated the theme license on the site and deleted the website in it’s entirety but they say I can’t reuse it on another website as it’s against envato’s policy. I’ve gotten many codes reset before and nothing in the policy suggests I can’t reuse it so I’m getting different answers and I’m confused.

Here’s a bit more info from our Help Center

However, if this is a new end product, you will be required to purchase another license for this product, as these themes are single-use licenses.