Resetting Theme license for non-existent domain

I need to get some clarification on licensing for themes. I’m a designer/developer and have purchase many themes on Envato. In all cases, if I am no longer using a theme on a website I’ve built, or for a domain that’s no longer in existence, I am able to either;

  1. Deactivate the license in the theme developer’s control panel
  2. Contact the developer and they release the license.

Then I can attach the unused license to a site I’m building.

For the first time - in over a decade - a theme owner has refused to release two licenses I purchased for domains that are no longer in existence.

They claim this is Envato’s policy.

Can someone from Envato clarify? If this is the case, and is currently Envato’s policy, I won’t plan to purchase themes from Envato anymore because there is no flexibility with the license and as such, isn’t a good option for designer/developers.

I don’t think there is a definitive answer to this question

I’ve seen numerous authors who allow the 1 project/domain to be alternated but I’ve also seen several who feel that once it’s been used in one project then that is its use done.

It seems to be down to the author in most cases.

You can ask envato but my instinct is that it will be up to the author

Envato Market Help and Support

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According to the Envato terms and conditions, licenses are not transferable.

End Product:
By definition of the term end product, it means that you have created and built a website using a theme?

Your points were:

If this is simply a URL or domain name switch, and the end product is still the same, then you should contact the author to see if they can reset your license. However, if this is a new end product, you will be required to purchase another license for this product, as these themes are single-use licenses.
Please note, Authors are not obligated to reset a license registration.

No - its a new website a new client so how can you expect to keep using the theme in that way?

When you change the website, you need to purchase a new copy. Although some authors offer free changes, other authors may expect you to have an active support period ( They may ask to you to extend the support if it’s not valid anymore. ) At any case, you need to contact the item author - bear in mind, authors may reject your request and ask you to purchase a new copy.

  • I understand that licenses are not transferable - meaning to a new OWNER.
  • I always understood Envato’s licensing to be similar to Elementor’s. And for the most part it has. Every theme developer I’ve purchased from in the past (I’ve been on Envato a long time) has released the license when they saw it was no longer being used on the website/domain. This is identical to Elementor. If I purchase a single site license from them, set up a site, and later disconnect it, the license can be used with another domain. If I have a 5 seat license, the same holds true.
  • From a designer developer’s perspective, if I cannot reuse a license that is not being used on any other domain/site - Envato no longer remains a viable option for my business.