Remove theme license from domain

Hi there! I was wondering if anyone knows how to remove a license from a domain. I’ve purchased the same theme several times over the past few years and have been using it on three different domains, but one of the domains no longer exists and now I want to use the theme on a new domain, but I can’t because the license code is still connected to that old domain :frowning: Any idea how I fix this?

According to the Envato terms, one license is for one end-product ( domain )
When the domain or the project is out of use, it’s forbidden to use the same license for another project and you need to purchase a new copy if you’re going to use the same item on a new project.

It also shows a good behavior/respect if you purchase a new license for the “new” project as your support to the author/item.

But some authors are OK to change the license for the domain ( E.g to ), you could contact them but bear in mind that they don’t have to agree with the changes especially you’ve been using the theme for a year at least

Actually, the way I understood is that having multiple licenses means you are allowed to use it in that amount of websites at the same time. You buy a lifetime license, if you have used it for one year on one website and create a new one and don’t use the old one anymore, in my opinion you should be allowed to use the theme again. Hopefully someone is willing to help me with this :frowning:

There’s no multiple license option, it’s either standard or extended.

You’re approaching the situation as buyer, if you were seller, believe me you wouldn’t like the idea of re-using the license over and over again but what draws the line here is the Envato terms that the license is not transferable

No, You buy one license with lifetime updates. It’s different.

Thank you, I guess I just didn’t know and assumed it would be a lifetime license.