Deactivate Licence

we have problems with the licence. The new doamin owner does not deactivate our licence? Who can help us?

Thank you

According to the Envato terms, if you change the domain, you’d have to get a new license.
One domain = one license

Which theme are you using by the way?

Sorry… wrongly expressed.

The new domain owner is now using something of his own.
We cant get to the backend…

We just want to reactivate our license for new website.

We use “litho”…

Thanks for your support

Again, if you change the domain name, it doesn’t matter if the theme is in used or not, it’s considered as “end-product” once you activate the theme and register, you will need to get a new purchase code by getting a new copy.

You cannot use one theme on one domain to another, if the theme has been changed - according to the Envato terms.

Although some authors are OK to change the domain name, you can contact the item author but remember that the author has rights to reject your offer and ask you to get a new copy.

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