Why my license purchase code is invalid

What happen if theme purchase code is used in another domain?

But I am sure that I didn’t use it for my domain before.

How to solve it?

Envato allows 1 license for 1 project located on 1 domain. It means that 1 purchase key can be used only for 1 site. Each additional site will require an additional purchase key.

However, there are some cases when you need to use the same purchase key:

  1. When you move your site from the test domain to another one.

  2. When you move your site from your local server.

In this case you need to “Disconnect” your purchase key from the previous domain first. It can be done in your Theme Panel – Theme Dashboard

Once you disconnect your purchase key from your previous domain, you can use it on your new one.

Please Note! The site with disconnected purchase key will not be able to receive demo content, premium plugins, support, updates, fixes, etc.

That’s all great, but now I can;t get to the original site since the domain points to the new IP.

There really needs to be a dashboard on this platform like before to manage all my licenses…?? Now, there is no one spot I can review all my purchases and license assignments. I have too many. Far too hard to manage and remember.

the author can probably deregister it regardless of you having redirected the domain.

FYI a central register of all purchases already exists (your downloads page or using the Envato Plugin), however the assignments would not be possible because you are buying items from different authors and sources which makes it complicated to aggregate.

If Envato owned all of the items you were buying then it would be much more straight forward but it’s a price we pay for the choice of items available.

Could “probably register” the domain??

Seems before Envanto introduced the new product registration system, I had a complete dashboard where I could go to add and/or reset the domain associated with the unique purchase code just fine…? So not sure why that can’t be used again.

Even might be a good idea on the downloads page, to flag each item with a green dot or something telling us that line item/product is registered/connected to a domain. Could even show the domain. Wow. I’ve got pages of themes I’ve bought. I mean if they are encouraging people to obey the license requirements, would be a good idea to help us all out.

I’ve got way better things to do then chase down disconnected registration.