Purchase a music track


I just want to ask if i can buy this audio track:

Can i use it for my video editing?If so,Could i use the same track downloaded from youtube and convert it to .mp3 instead?(what i mean is just to buy the license from here(29$) but download the track from youtube instead and convert it by myself to .mp3).

Thanks in advance.

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Hey, @AudioPizza,

did you attach mp3 to the zip with your tracks? :slight_smile:

Basicaly because i liked the specific soundtrack i have already downloaded it from youtube,but i want to use it legaly by purchasing the track from audiojungle.But the problem is that i have already attached the soundtrack to my video file and i dont want to remake the video again.So it would be nice if just buy the license and use the one i downloaded from youtube in .mp3 format.

I hope AudioPizza reply soon,…

Yes you can.

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Ok, @tonperneis123,

here is your answer :grin:

Great day! :wink:

I will buy that track from here (so i dont have copyright issues)thanks a lot but i will use youtube’s track from hdi soundi as the song belongs to you!

2 more questions.

Guys because you know about this kind of youtube things…

1)If in case youtube trace the track in my uploaded video and claims its copyrighted or something like that i will tell them that i have purchased it from audiojungle correct and i will be fine?

2)Because i read a lot of things about sountracks,is there any defference between the purchased track from here and the one existing in youtube that im going to use instead having an impact on my video views? is there any algorith or something that detects the tracks leading to decent views? I will have more views if i use the same soundtrack downloaded from audiojungle?

I know what i say may it seems confusing but in platforms such tiktok or youtube somehow an algorythm detects the contects and if its the same with another aploaded contect(such us a background music) on youtube/tiktok you get decent views.

What you thing @AudioPizza or @HoneyLoud you know better guys may its not true.

If you get copyright claim, you have to upload your license file that you bought from AudioPizza. There is nothing to worry about.

I couldn’t understand your second question exactly, but algorithm scans all videos on YouTube and detects tracks which is registered with content id. There will be no difference if you use the track downloaded from youtube video or AudioPizza’s zip file. :wink:

Thanks a lot have a pleasant day.