Psd Template is approved but the html template rejected?

Hello everyone!

i was submit a xd template few days ago and it was approved. But now when i submit the html template and it’s has been rejected.

they told that the quality standard problem and the submission is too similar to existing items.

Then why they approved the xd template ?

Please can anyone help about this issue what to do now?


Please add live demo html because we can help you.

Thank you.


Thanks i did it just now.

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Hi @RsThemesbd ,

As far I have checked seems to me your template is not a complete one.

  1. testimonial slider is not user friendly, navigation problem
  2. each page display the same content mean copy paste design
  3. inner pages banner looking odd with the same bg color of the header menu
  4. spacing issue


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Thank you so much for the valuable info.