PSD approved HTML template Hard Rejected. PLEASE GIVE ADVICE

Hi guys,

After we finally got approved with PSD template we got hard rejected on HTML
The link to PSD:

The reason is quality standard.
Moderator message

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Patrick - Modern Personal Resume PSD Template” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Here is the HTML template demo site:

Please leave it behind any advice is much appreciated.
I’m happy to help and review your issues back.

Guys I I’m mentioning you hopping for your kind attention.
@shekhzyaul, @JeriTeam, @Aspirity, @unlockdesign, @Darinka, @zis3485, @leafcolor, @MagicalTheme, @6thSenseStudio


Hi there:
Error w3c is but you need check all w3c if error maybe approved but you design is very good I love it regards.


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When you submit your html do you attached your psd link also ?
I think you can contact with Envato Help hope they solved your issue .


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Hey @GrandWP,
You have a good start. Appreciate your work. But you need to work more on your typography and spacing alignment.
Your top header is basic looking, improve it please. After scrolling little bit it destroy your page first look.
some of your sections are totally dull like " Hi! Discover my Profile." . Need to improve it as well.
Please give attention to your forms, buttons, shadows, colors, icons and More attention to details.

These are my views. Do not lose heart just keep improving. Themeforest updating his design requirements day by day and you need to compete design trends to enter in this market. Good luck



hey scriptbundle
We have to accept this item not for hard reject. It should be soft reject to fix it. not hard

Yeah a few months back you can say but now WordPress category requiring more attention to detail and latest design trends. Attention to detail is also a key point now :slight_smile:

I just open it and in few seconds I found this. Please consider it as improvements.
They are now requiring more and more design and quality standards and that is necessary for this type of market place.


Yes but it’s error for so hard rejected.

Guys I would like to thank you as with your help we got the soft reject and after fixing the problems finally got approved.

Please contact us if you need any help from us!
Best Regards!


congrats!!! good luck with sales

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Congrats mate and good luck with sales. :heart_eyes:

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