PSD Template and HTML5 Template - Hard Rejection, why?

Hello, help me figure out what’s the matter. It’s not the first day on Envato, one job has been accepted and sold, but now I’m not alone. I’m trying to download 2 works psd template as well as html5 template (here is a link to the work, design with psd) - they write a hard refusal, help me figure out what’s the matter and what needs to be fixed to be accepted!? I would be grateful to you all :slight_smile:

With respect I would say this is a long stretch off the standards.

  • 1 pagers have been done a thousand times so anything new needs to be original and pixel perfect

  • the design itself is not great and needs significantly modernising

  • your code can’t be validated

  • you have some fairly basic errors throughout with spacing, hierarchy consistency, typography etc. for example top/bottom padding on sections is not consistent, typography esp. font choices and hierarchy e.g. team names need a lot of work

  • attention to detail e.g. all testimonials change using the buttons except one, or Google map doesn’t work, all feel unfinished and not checked

It’s not as good as your other item plus it’s on a much much much more competitive category


Thank you so MUCH ! :slight_smile: