Protect your javascript code and boost your sales


Hey everyone,

Wrote a small story about my experience in the last few years, more in specific about my digital work security and how protecting it from stealing and piracy helped my sales to go up significantly.

If anyone is interested in reading have a look, hope it helps others :smiley:

Cheers and let me know what you think!


i see that You Posted this as an advertising to your own website, this is against all rules , and we all know that piracy site Never care about how the code is written what is important for them is that it runs as it should be , so Never advertise for ur web sites here and POst useful things


So securing your work is not an important issue, or something to educate authors to do? I don’t advertise nothing, I just have a link to my profile on envato where I introduce myself… I don’t have any relation with the obfuscation tool I mention, there are others, that one was what I used and what suited my goals. Really sad to put effort in helping other authors and being flagged, thanks mate :slightly_smiling: