Copycats, licence, piracy and copyrights


hello everyone,
how can we track designers or developers who copycat our work, use our code or design without paying for the licence or without respecting the copyrights?
how can we know if someone “out there” is copycating, using our digital property without our concent?
Do we have to put a certain “web service call” in the javascript/.net/whatever code?
Do we have to let Envato handle that?


hi, if u feel like someone does, u can contact the help center and if they ever consider that there’s a problem with copyright they should do what it takes and if they judge this is the opposit way, they will let u know i guess


thank you for the anwser.
So basically, if by any chance I get my hand on a “copycated” work, I have to let Envato know and handle the case?


lol this is as u wish … lol i personally did this and handled by myself by contacting hosting services , but this is up to u to choose, when some other guys consider that’s not even worth the drive fighting this … (too hard, too long and a big waste of time and energy …) and will advice to create more than pirates can pirate lol two confirmed authors and big sellers told me this … now, u know it all … it all depends on u :wink: