Promote other services through your profile page

Hi all!

We recently launched 2 (Moodle)themes in Themeforest and I should say it is quite exciting to be an author here. Both of our themes were “trending” at some point of time and it was fun watching sales figures. :slight_smile: However, more on this later.

I am writing this post to ask 2 sets of questions:

  1. Theme customization partners: We have been active service providers in Elance, and half of the projects we worked on involved TF theme customization tasks. That set me thinking - do you guys, as TF Authors, get these customization requests from theme buyers? If yes, have you ever considered tying up with a vendor who would handle such customization requests? Would you feel that offering customization services would add another USP to your themes? Personally I think if I am a theme buyer and if I need any customization done, I would prefer to engage the author, or a developer recommended by the author. Also, as a buyer, I would feel inclined to buy a theme from an author who provides customization services. What do you guys think? Would love to hear from veterans here.

  2. External affiliate links: Is it allowed to have affiliate links to 3rd part services? Like for example, can I have an affiliate link to WP Engine or WP Curve in my author profile page? I scanned through help files and forums, but did not get any satisfactory information about this. Any pointers would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for reading my post, guys!