Freelancers using Themeforest for their clients

Hi guys, I would love some feedback from freelancer web designers/developers and the authors of some of these great Wordpress/HTML websites on ThemeForest on how you feel about Freelancers/Web design business using templates for clients?

I’ve come across some truly amazing Wordpress websites on Themeforest and I myself have thought about buying a theme to use for a clients project. Are there many people on here that do just that? Run a successful business using Premium Wordpress themes for their clients?

Also would love to know how the Authors of these excellent templates feel about this, and what their thoughts are about the process. - I myself think it’s a great idea!

Look forward to your replies.

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Sorry this should have been posted in ThemeForest - you can move it over there if need be! :slight_smile:

I’ve done this in the past, and don’t think there’s any problem in doing so.

Providing that you are doing exactly what you can and can’t do in the license, you should be fine!

Sam :slight_smile:

Yes, many people do that, and I believe successfully. This may be a good business if you have at least minimal skills in editing and customizing themes you are going to offer to your clients.

Unfortunately some of such “businessman” are just lazy people who don’t want to do anything useful, they just mediators. Sometimes when it comes to even smallest and simplest customizations (sure they don’t have enough skills even for that) they just start spamming the authors with infinity requests, and if you don’t meet each their wish they will start complaining (your theme is bad, my client is angry etc…) and give an item poor rating.

Of course, sometimes this is an authors fault, because not every item on TF of a good quality, so be careful here too. Read item comments section and check overall author’s rating before you buy.


it’s kind of what the marketplace is for… as long as the client knows then it’s fine… if you make the client think that you made it yourself then I think that’s wrong…

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I do work as freelancer also. I’ll tell you how I do it: when a customer wants a new website, I usually send to him 4-5 links to themeforest templates. He selects the one he likes most, then he buys it, then he hires me for the customization/setup part.

The alternative: buying a template with a regular license, then using it for multiple projects/clients is not allowed.

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greenline said

The alternative: buying a template with a regular license, then using it for multiple projects/clients is not allowed.

Was just going to suggest that - seen a few people do that, when they should’ve bought two or more licenses. I suppose they think that no one will ever know…

Thanks so much for the great advice guys.

From a clients perspective we just found out that a “website designer” who was making a “custom” website for us used a template from this market place for $59… We were under the impression that it was suppose to be a custom site and are being charged upwards of a few thousand dollars. We weren’t happy with the site at first and through some sloppiness on their part ended up here in this forum and found this thread, how convenient… Is this in fact standard practice, is this wrong, what should we do? Had we known from the get go, we still would have hired this designer but would have negotiated a different rate or looked into building the site ourselves if it was really just this easy…?

In a good way, he certainly should have warned you about this. As for the “negotiated a different rate” — I would like to point out for fairness that qualitative customization is not such an easy process as you might think. Everything depends on the size of your website, but such work is also not a cheap pleasure.

Thanks for the reply and I understand that these things take time but we were misled and were under the impression that it was a site designed for us and our needs. From what was produced for our site compared to the theme there is very little difference. It appears to us like some text was changed and some different photos added, how hard can that be? The finished site seems very glitchy and has a bunch of bugs it seems. Even if this is the “norm” she made a mistake by not finishing it properly and a link on our finished page connected us to the theme used which showed a price of $59 for it, definitely not a way for her to build value for us or her brand…

I, being a designer, sincerely regret that you got on the way such a person (not telling the whole truth). Use this new knowledge, and your next project will be even better and more successful.

We have multiple designers that regularly use our themes for client sites and we think that it’s awesome! Our only advice would be to buy the theme license under the client’s own Envato account (or just create a new Envato account for your client when you purchase the theme). This is important to ensure the client receives theme/plugin updates in the future, and so they have their own support license (which is helpful if they use a different designer later on and that person needs to request help from the theme author).