Project Reject despite all types of feature functionality

This is Project Link:

I’m very disappointed that the project rejects despite maintaining everything.
Anyone can help me for finding my Wrong.

@123Simples @charlie4282 @mgscoder @SpaceStockFootage
Please Need Support

@andIT_themes thank you for asking.
What kind of answers on the reject are they giving you?

I can look at it properly later, but currently busy with other bits today.


Okay don’t beat me up LOL

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  1. The PDF button does not work. Yes you can print, or save as Excel but if you have a button marked PDF then it should do something :wink:
  2. Spelling errors - the word Pecsription and Pescription should read as “Prescription”

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Cannot login as Diagnostic

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  1. The PDF button does not work. Yes you can print, or save as Excel but if you have a button marked PDF then it should do something :wink:
    Spelling errors - correct spellings are Schedule NOT Schedule. Delivery NOT Delivary. There are additional spelling errors which sadly to me says not enough attention to detail by you. If I think that, then so might other people. Again “Due Colleciton Create” should say “Due Collection Create” and on that page under description it should say “Write here” NOT Wright here.
  2. When you create an appointment as admin, you should be able to EDIT the appointment, not just delete it.
  3. Doctor List - when you click Inactive I assume you mean you wish to make them Inactive as they then show under status. However, under Action column the buttons then change to a large size. Was this deliberate?
  4. On Patient Edit unclosed coding tags on Marital Status - see screenshot. Also it should say Write Here in description box not “Writhe hare…”
  5. On Notice edit or create, then you have a box labelled Description but it is a box (textfield), not textarea. Yes you can type content, but it is not clear to someone using this page.

There are various button sizes and some typography issues throughout. Bear in mind I am checking this only on a desktop!

I think it shows promise, and to be fair I couldn’t do something like this so forgive me if I sound not helpful. See what others have to say. Best wishes my friend and hopefully you can achieve success.

@123Simples I respect you, i want to fix all the many things That I have done and submit it again. Can I correct everything in this project and submit it again in the same name, I want to check all the things this time. I’ve given a lot of effort to this project I’ve been able to understand my lot. Give me the right advice.

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Aside from all that @123Simples flagged (and I suspect that with more time there are more attention to detail challenges), with respect to the complexity of what you have created, there is a huge question around market suitability here.

There are similarish type items available but I would question the likelihood (or professional choice) to be searching for let alone using a platform a stock marketplace item to manage patient or medical professional information and data.

There are many purpose built softwares for this type of job for a reason.

Again, this isn’t to say it’s a dead end for you, but code/design (your styling could also be improved) are not the only factors that are considered in review.

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@charlie4282 Thank you so much. All I need is clarity on whether I will be able to try this product once more or whether it is not possible to update or improve this product no matter how much I update it. I know I can fix everything in this product. Already I have worked on this product for 4 months only for this marketplace.

@andIT_themes . I think @charlie4282 did make a fair and justified point -
“using a platform a stock marketplace item to manage patient or medical professional information and data.”

In the UK (and probably most of Europe and the US) there are strict protocols in place when it comes to managing and protecting patient data - for humans :slight_smile: Also most doctors (real ones anyway) will tie into the established NHS systems (in the case of the UK) and in the US they tie into Medicare as well as other official bodies.

I think what you have done is amazing, and you know it’s not down to us to say if the product will sell or not sell. With your skillset, you could think about designs still using code that don’t involve health records which in most countries would be really strictly watched.

@charlie4282 @123Simples Thank you very much for giving a clear idea on some very important issues.When a medical related application comes to the stock market, the e-application should be developed considering all aspects.All kinds of features have functionality, data security, policy, multi-branch etc.But my focus was on a single diagonstic or clinic center so that it could easily maintain its daily activities and update all kinds of features one by one.I’ve been able to catch my existing issues i hope there won’t be any more problems with next upload| If the trusted gets everything from an application according to its requirement, then people will use it. This is my personal idea.

There’s other similar items on envato so it’s not to say that you couldn’t get approved.

We do quite a bit with medical related brands and businesses and there’s no way a stock platform would get to the procurement stage.


@charlie4282 @123Simples You are a very helpful person. I’m already this product is starting to work well with all my mistakes and will come up with something new. Request you to review just once before submitting the product. If the review team thinks it is standard for this marketplace, then it will be Approved.

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@charlie4282 @123Simples
Good day, hope you are doing well. I have made some corrections to the overall typography issue, spelling mistake issue, button consistent size fixing, appointment edit option add, pdf print option fixing, unclosed tag removes, notice description fixed Newly added Support Module update, fixed cross site scripting vulnerability Can you help me to check it out?
I have cleared the entire database for checking. I’m very optimistic about this product. I’m waiting for your feedback.