We got Hard rejection after spending 3 months for the Web Application

We have been working for 3 months to complete the project. But unfortunately, We got a Hard rejection. We are very much disappointed.

This is the demo DEMO

Can anyone help me to find out the reason please?

Firstly sorry to hear of your rejection. The web application looks complex, perhaps you did not provide a front end, or the help file was lacking. The application on the setup page seems to lack an array of setup options - for example email settings, or general application settings such as database connections, etc.

It would be useful to know what the purpose of the application was designed to do (what you were hoping for it to achieve and cover?)

Just as a side thought too - on the footer it says:
Copyright © 2014-2016

Which if this is a new project why would it use a copyright date 4 years ago?

It’s a hospital/Clinic Management system. I also attached documentation. And the Copyright text can be changed. It’s just a demo text.

This is always going to be difficult as it’s not really a typical/obvious type of item for a stock marketplace

It would be incredibly irresponsible and unlikely that any credible medical facility would use a management tool (given the type of data being shared there) from a stock marketplace

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