My Item Hard Reject Need to know why?

Live Link:

Admin Live link: Live Link: AndCare

Please need support. @charlie4282 @mgscoder

Somebudy help me to know problem.

Hi @andIT_themes,

Just spent a few minutes on your demo. What is the main features of your item? What is the item title?

If you made a module like Doctor Appointment then you should work only on that module because it is not a theme and you don’t need to focus on other things like About us, Services, Blog …etc.

Now in the Doctor Appointment booking form:

  1. The Appointment date should display Available/Unavailable/Booked based on the selected Doctor and Time slot availability in the demo is not finished (you should make full demo for the at least 1 month from the current date for all Doctors).
  2. Doctor and Appointment schedule (Appointment date and Time slot) combination is not user friendly (Time slot should display Available/Booked, booked slot should be disabled)

In short this module is not a premium module/plugin. Customer should to see details about Booking when they will select Doctor and open calendar for Slot.


Thanks for your reply also your valuable comments.
My Item title name is AndCare - Medical Diagnostic Center Solution with Website.

Main Features

  • Doctor Manage
  • Patient Manage
  • Frontend Appointment System
  • Doctors Schedule
  • Diagnostic Bill creation
  • Patient’s detail history
  • Referral Manage
  • Consultant Manage
  • User Level-wise Report Print
  • Notice board
  • Accounts
  • Due Collection
  • Expense Management
  • Income Statement
  • Monthly appointment chart on admin / diagnostic dashboard
  • Income & Expense Overview progress bar
  • User Activities chart
  • Blog Management
  • Service Management

Can I fix the things you mentioned and submit them again? Apart from this, this project in your eyes and if you see any problem, please let me know I have been working on this project for a long time.
I am very hopeful that I will be able to add all kinds of features, just suggest what I have to do.


To see your mentioned main features look like it is a CMS not a particular module. To approve a CMS is not an easy job because already there are many popular CMS/MVC. Just my opinion If you go for a specific module with Laravel then it will be easy to get approve. And what you will make should be a complete things and demo should be also a finished demo. Booking calendar should be user friendly with all features included. Thanks

Instead of slider in the home page, you should bring a search box if this is a doctor appointment module.

Also, I will suggest to make the UI better.

Hello @mgscoder ,

Thank you so much.


@mgscoder Please help me again hard reject no reject reason share What can I do? …This time Really I am disappointed. this is demo link
Please need support.