Project gives missing file error for all assets

I have one problem with After Effect, I hope someone can help me. My project was rejected because project gives missing file error for all assets. Reviewer says, that it looks for them on my local directory.
But all project files are collected through “Collect Files” I see them in project folder. Can someone tell me where the problem is? Thank you!

the same problem happened to me.

The solution was as follows. If you have another computer, try it out there, or you should try and install a virtual operating system.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Open your AE project and in the Project panel right click on the file(or files) go to Replace Footage -> File and select the file inside of the folder which you have used for the .zip file. Go to File -> Save to save the change. Then, create a new .zip file and submit the newly created .zip for a review. This way when your template gets opened on another computer it won’t give the error.

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