Missing files from effects from

Why is it I am finding every download has missing files and it is like 40 missing files?? I use after effects and it is every down load I do and I am having a hard time fixing the problem.

When you save an After Effects project, that save includes the location of all the assets used in the project, so that After Effects knows where to find them. While most of the time it will locate them if they have the same top level file structure, even if the file moves from one computer (the computer of the author) to another (the computer of the buyer)… thats not always the case.

Different operating systems, different versions of After Effects, saving to earlier versions, opening projects from a zip file before unzipping them, or zipped assets within an unzipped main folder all might result in you having missing files.

Unfortunately that’s more an issue with After Effects rather than Envato or specific authors/projects. It’s usually a super quick fix though… just right click on any of the missing assets in the top left project panel and choose replace file… then select the correct file in your finder/file explorer. If all the other assets are in the same location, then it will automatically find and replace those as well. Five seconds and you’re good to go.

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I understand and thank you for that!! I wasn’t sure if I was doing something wrong either lol

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