'Missing Files' after collect project.

I done a after effects template for videohive. After the collecting file and open the collected project, it’s says missing files. How could i sort this problem?

make sure that in the collect files window you set it to collect all files.

That is sure. i tried more than 10 times. same result.

If all the files are actually in your footage folder, can you not open the AE project that’s in your collected files folder, relink them all, save, and then try opening again?

Project file in collected folder is correctly loading. No issue. But when i copy the collected folder and paste in other location, and load the project, assets paths are the previous location. That’s the matter. Only this project its happen. 2 times soft rejected.

try to change the names of these files that are missing (they may have invalid characters), and collect again.

Hey man did you manage to solve this issue. I have the same problem here. Soft rejected, it says I’m missing files, everything is working fine on my computer, but on my friends computer it shows that 2 files are missing. Same issue as yours, assets paths are in the previous location. Don’t know how to solve this shit.

Have you tried to change the names of files that are missing? Something must be wrong with them … Their names may have invalid characters, or the folders in which they are have invalid characters. Have you tried to change it?

Have you saved as a previous version and then put that in the collected folder? I sometimes get the same issue if I do.

Finaly my template got approved. But its too late. I tried to post this item for valentine. :cry:

And thanks who all supported me.

By the way I rename the (footage) folder as ‘Assets’. And try to run on different locations in PC. :smile:

At least you’ve got a head start on next year! The recommended lead time for events/holidays is about six weeks or more, just so you know for the future.