After effects missing files (template use)

Hello, I opened the file with after effects and also I have the newest version of it (im paying for a student package) but it says a few things, first, it says “this project must be converted from version 10.0 (Windows 64). the original file will be unchanged.”
second, it says “after effects warning: 125 files are missing since you last saved this project.” what am I supposed to do? this is even the first time that I opened this file and it says all of it, did I do something wrong? please, i need help.

I assume you’re talking about a project that you bought on Videohive? It might be best to contact the author of the item directly since they’ll be the best equipped to help you.

For the conversion message, I’m pretty sure that just means that the project was originally created using an older version of After Effects, and just needs to convert to a file compatible with the version you have, though I could be wrong.

Did the item come with any additional files besides an After Effects project file? I can’t remember how it works, but if that’s the case, it could be that you didn’t save the other files in the same hierarchy as it originally came in, and now AE can’t find them to call them to the project.