Profile page opinion?


I have updated my avatar and profile page…

I aimed to keep it simple and clean but not sure if it’s not very eye catching now.

What do you think?


May be link or something to preview your page?


Whoops, sorry…


Hi! First of all i think it might be helpful for you to read this topic :wink:


Hey Micheal. I think your logo works fine. I would maybe put a little extra in your profile description part and a note to videohive authors. Maybe some simple code. I had to do it a couple of weeks ago, I can give you a hand with it if you want to drop me a pm


Profile page no big deal at all. Keep it simple. Produce quality stuff this is it.


Thanks all for the feedback.

Theo_Sound - I’ve sorted the link.

AzaTrend - Yes, probably could do with adding a little more. I think there’s some HTML on the profile page I can use to add what I need thanks.


I like it. I think it looks nice, fresh, clean and simple. You achieved your goal. :slight_smile:


NemMusic - Thanks…

I’m reasonably happy with it.

I may turn the avatar into just ‘mm’ or ‘MM’ so it stands out a little better.

I’ll give it a go in Illustrator and see if it’s an improvement.


OK, I think it’s worth a try, good luck with it :slight_smile:


So… I’ve updated my avatar and homepage image, yet again…
I think I’ll stick with this now…
and get on with more music :yum: