My new Profile, Thumbnail and Avatar opinion

Hello everyone, I have modified my “Image” in AJ, I have created a new logo and a new profile. I have created a simple Thumbnail, the Thumbnail can be seen with the play and without the play.

If you think I can add something else, or make any changes, let me know what you think.

Nice, I would say that you should remove that striped background from all your icons or lower the opacity, blend it in.
Right now its quite disturbing… for me at least.

Keep going bro! :slight_smile:


Thanks @gnodesign I’ll try…

It’s a nice clean profile @DastAudio! Best wishes!

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Hi! Looking good, mate! Clean and prospective!

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Hello! It looks stylish, concise and expensive.

Thanks @MARiAN @TallSoundBar @Amoebacrew