Feedback on my profile page!

Hey guys!

Would love some quick tips on how to get that killer profile page! I’ve started with creating a logo and a profile picture… What do you guys think? I know staying consistent is important to build a “brand” so to speak… So I want to create something I can stick with for a while

Thanks! Hope you all are having a great week :+1:

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As usual when everybody starts , to expand portfolio )

oops… Totally forgot! Check my first post now

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It’s fully ok. Little short maybe, but you need more time on track composing :slight_smile:


but the icon of the brand good!)

Thanks guys! Yeah… Just got to pump a few tunes out there… got another one for review now!

Anyone knows how I change my profile name on the forum page btw? Do I need to talk to support…? Changed it on my audiojungle page, but looks like that wasn’t enough…

I was stuck on this for maybe a year, how to develop a name, a logo, a slogan, a text, how to write HTML, and those non musical matters. I’m not sure my profile is good enough but I could finally start with the discovery of two tools:

  1. Fiverr (all digital services for logo, slogan, etc)
  2. envatitor ((html)
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Thanks for the tips FoxBeat! Will keep that in mind :slight_smile:

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