New Look

I’ve changed the whole concept of my profile. What do you think about it? Is it junglish enough?


It’s very minimal , very beautiful and very comfortable !
I really like it !!! Keep it up man !!!

@WildLion_Production Thanks man!

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Clean and bright. Godd job!

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Please don’t take this as an offense but for me it always feels a bit like saying “don’t take me that serious” when someone refers to their stuff as “the best”. I want to stress that this is nothing personal, just my opinion strictly only about the slogan, because you asked for it.

Other than this, the design looks very nice and pleasing, I like that. You’ve done a great job on that!

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I appreciate your fair opinion @SixideBeats . It was the aim of thi topic. You make me think about slogan and will think about possibility of change. Thanks!

The graphics are very neat and professional. My only criticism is that I find the baby-blue colour a bit off-putting and it creates a feeling of you not being serious. I think a more mature shade of blue would give a much better impression.

Very clean brother.

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I wasn’t sure about this color cause I’m not a designer. I made it a bit darker and more natural. Thank you for advise!

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The darker shade is a good improvement! Looks a lot better already

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Clean and easy to browse :slight_smile: Well done :slight_smile:

Thank you! I find it better too! :slight_smile: