Product mockup being rejected.

Hello guys any idea why this is rejected?

hi I am sorry to say just this as I assume that u did your best but honestly there are some missing ingredients, if u ask me … the main thing according to me is that the scenery where u put your product is super flat to say the least and this is thus very difficult to bring something a bit new to the table for that matter … in addition, there is a lack of depth here and the shadowing should be made more accurate by adding the shadow behind the bottle for instance, I mean among other things … u must also consider that some things that u have done have a bit of a negative impact on the global presentation , like the lack of contrast for the logo and the bad spacing between the different lines of text presentation. Spacing, alignment and contrast are basic design principle and the bottom line is that such mistakes are far from welcome in the context of a saturated professional marketplace like GR