My first item was rejected, suggestions

I am new here, my first item was rejected, can you give me suggestions

hi is this is the only piece that u have ? I mean normally in most cases, mockups are grouped to offer different possibilities or angles and if this item is alone, this may have an impact of the rejection … afterwards, if u ask me, I believe that the shadowing of the tablet is not complete enough at this stage so that It really looks realistic and “people buy it”. I am also willing to point at something , indeed, if someone needs a mockup this is to value the thing that they will put inside … but here the big shadow on the screen maybe realistic but is surely also going to be a problem to value the creation being put inside the tablet, which is rather counterproductive if u ask me

hi, thank you very much for the advice, i agree with everything you described, i will work hard on the next project.

hi it depends on u, happy if it could help though to tell u the truth all the people who say I will do next time usually come back the following time to post here for another rejection problem after they did exactly the same mistakes … up to u to see though what to do with what I told u anyway :slight_smile: if u have enough clues as regard to what to do , pls check the solution box, good work and good luck :slight_smile: