rejection of a first job

My first project was rejeced after 6 days !!, can someone tell me their ratings and comments? I will be grateful80x80px Thumbnail

Your logo mock-up looks fake. Your reflections doesn’t follow a light source and shadows are missing.

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thank you for your comments

hi indeed, there is much to redo to say the least as the perspective is not the right one, and looks artificial , the fact of the matter is that adding all the previews after one another does not help , this is the bottom line. In addition, the shadowing is in the best case, really not convincing , if there is one and u have to identify that this is a major piece of a mockup and , as such, this should not be taken lightly … the background also looks dull and clearly not aesthetic and , for sure, u are not going to create any “wow effect” with this kind of background and texture, what u have to keep in mind is that u need to create an environment, sort of a scenery where the product is being featured and this requires much attention about lighting , texture, shadowing and so on … one more thing, u should try to select appropriate typo, effects and colors in an attempt to make sure that your work preview looks good and so that u generate harmony , which will be “selling” either for the reviewer but also for potential customers, too