Problem with downloading (new customer)

I wanted to use some music for a short film. I had a look at a few sites and AudioJungle seemed to have a great range and some tracks that seemed appropriate.

I downloaded a few tracks (on preview) to have a play with to see how they went with the visuals and made my choice of which worked best.

Although I only needed three/four tracks, I thought that I’d buy the yearly sub as I might need more for future projects and AudioJungle looks like a good resource. However, when I go to download the full versions (ie. non-watermarked), they’re still suggesting that I haven’t paid for them. I’ve got the receipt in my email for the sub.

What am I doing wrong? I don’t mind paying on an individual basis or on the sub basis, what am I doing wrong that it seems to be charging me twice?

Thanks in advance!

The yearly sub is for content on Envato Elements only, which only include a limited amount of audio. The tracks you need may or may not be in there, you’ll need to search on the Elements site. Audiojungle and the other Envato marketplaces is not included in the yearly deal. Envato advertise Elements heavily one the other marketplaces and your not the first to get confused by this.

Thanks Hyperprod,

That sounds plausible, though perhaps a little dodgy on the company’s side!

I’m sure that they’ll see that their ad for “unlimited” downloads on the Audio site is misleading and will refund my sub swiftly so that I can actually buy the tracks I need!.

Thanks for the info.

As long as you haven’t downloaded anything it shouldn’t be a problem to get a refund.

Maybe they already see it. Maybe they’re doing this on purpose…

Anyway, as @Hyperprod said, you should have no issue getting a refund. You can ask for it here.

Thanks PurpleFogSound and Hyperprod,

I eventually manged to find that link and have explained the situation to them in the support ticket. Hopefully they will speedily rectify.

Thank you both for your help!