New and Confused Customer

So I paid my annual premium and got the email confirmation. I am under the impression I paid for unlimited downloads with all envato marketplace platforms.

I logged in and selected 5 tracks in audio jungle and was only able to download them with the copyright protection still on it. I then tried the shopping cart way and it is charging me again for the music tracks individually. What is the point of paying for an annual unlimited membership if I then have to pay again for the music tracks that are suppose to be included?

I emailed the company several days ago and got confirmation they got my request, yet no response. So I am trying here for help. I am getting behind on my project and need help and guidance so I can get back to creating.

Any help or clarification from anyone would be most appreciated.


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There is no such a thing as unlimited downloads for marketplaces.
Elements and Envato Marketplaces aretwo different platforms.
You can use unlimited download option only for the tracks that are included in Elements.

Hope this helps.


What MagicMood said. If you can find it on this site (Envato Elements), then it’s included in your subscription…


Yes it was! Thanks! Got confused over all the different off-shoots of what envato is and learning how to best use it.

Thanks for your time and quick response!


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