Can you no longer buy audio tracks? Do I have to subscribe?

I used to be able to buy a specific audio track needed for a video project and that was that. Now it looks like I have to pay a monthly subscription fee, is that right? If I subscribe for one month to get the track, can I still use the track after my subscription has expired?


You can still buy a given track without having to subscribe to anything.

Audiojungle works on a pay-per-item basis, while Elements is a subscription service that includes a fraction of the AJ catalogue.

Feel free to stick to Audiojungle, if you don’t want to bother with the recurring fees of a subscription model.

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Ah Ok I see I obviously went to the wrong website. I thought I was on the usual one. Thanks.


They heavily promote Elements on AJ pages, to a point that it may confuse buyers. The idea for Envato is to convert occasional buyers to subscribers, as it’s more lucrative for them. But there is no obligation.