Does the unlimited subscription plan include audiojungle?

Does the unlimited subscription plan include audiojungle music?

Hey @wolfwebau

Envato Elements doesn’t include audio at this stage. But the library is constantly growing and new categories of files are frequently being added.

That’s a nice way of saying no. It’s unfortunate because it takes your ongoing customers to competitors. Longterm relationships should be key.

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Hi @johnnymclendon. Audio is definitely on the way for Elements - there are some fairly major engineering projects underway to make that happen, as there are many different systems running behind the scenes in each of our marketplaces.

I completely agree with you that long-term relationships are the key here - it’s part of our shift from one-off marketplace transactions to supporting an ongoing subscription product, while still making sure we cater to customers who only needed a single item. We’re trying to make Elements into the absolute best subscription for digital creatives, and making sure all media types are covered is an important first step towards that.

Including audio in Envato Elements will cause me to spend more money on audio at Envato. Currently I’m lucky to buy 1 audio file every few months at Envato but I spend a lot more than that on other sites because I have ongoing subscriptions with them. If I could get better value at Envato like I do at other sites I would be happy to spend a lot more money at Envato because the quality and selection are very good, which means more money for audio creators from me.

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does every track that there is in audiojungle appears in envato elements ?

for example
this track i want

is it evailbale in elements ?

No, here is the list of audio tracks available on Elements: