What does my monthly subscription include?

I have tried, unsuccessfully, to contact Envato. From the direct debits in my bank account, it would appear that I inadvertently purchased a monthly subscription on the occasion when I thought I was buying one music track.

I have tried to establish what my monthly subscription includes, but no luck. I just downloaded a couple of short audios, but they have “Audio Jungle” spoken through them when I play them on iTunes.

Can anyone tell me what I’m paying for please? :slight_smile:

Subscriptiosn are NOT for audiojungle they are for Envato Elements - all music there is here https://elements.envato.com/audio

Thank you Charlie. Appreciate that. I deliberately went into Envato.com, but I ended up at Audio Jungle. Thanks for your quick advice. Cheers.

Back again, Charlie. I clicked on the link you gave me - and it’s the same place I was before. The music has “Audio Jungle” overlayed.

the items on elements are a combination of ones already on audiojungle (not every single one there) and originals that are not on audiojungle

they all use the same watermark from audiojungle to protect them

Thanks Charlie